First Visit

What To Expect

Upon your arrival at Kaitlin McClure Orthodontics, please notify our receptionist. We can’t wait to welcome you to our office.

Dr. Kaitlin McClure will conduct a thorough clinical orthodontic examination and explain all aspects of treatment herself.

What is an orthodontic consultation?

An orthodontic consultation presents an opportunity to discuss your orthodontic goals and concerns with Dr. McClure. Specifically, an orthodontic consultation assesses potentially serious tooth, bite, or jaw alignment issues.

Following a comprehensive exam and a conversation about what you would like to improve about your smile, Dr. McClure can develop a custom orthodontic treatment plan. At Kaitlin McClure Orthodontics, anyone who’s new to the practice receives a complimentary consultation.

What happens during an orthodontic consultation?

At Kaitlin McClure Orthodontics, an orthodontic consultation begins with a review of your dental health history and a discussion of your goals. After gathering that information, Dr. McClure conducts a comprehensive exam.

Next, she takes a series of orthodontic X-rays. These X-rays help Dr. McClure assess the position of your teeth and jaws, and can also alert her to impacted teeth, improper eruption, or other potential issues.

After gathering a complete picture of your oral health, Dr. McClure develops a custom treatment plan that aligns with your needs. Before developing the plan, she reviews your goals to make sure you’re both on the same page. Dr. McClure is very thorough and wants to guarantee you’re satisfied with the results.

What is the Cost of the Treatment?

The cost of treatment depends upon the severity of the patient’s problem. Our treatment coordinator will discuss fees and payment options, if treatment is required. We have different payment plans to suit your budget and accept assignments from most insurance plans. We work hard to make orthodontics affordable.

What Does my Investment Include?

Your investment includes:

  • Orthodontic records, which consists of x-rays, photographs, digital models and a personalized workup to determine your treatment objectives.
  • Your treatment fee includes all appliances, office visits, and procedures performed in the office. Appliances are durable and should last through the entire treatment period if the patient follows instructions. If appliances require replacement due to loss, breakage, misuse or failure to eliminate foods that cause damage, we reserve the right to charge an additional replacement fee.
  • One set of final retainers  is provided upon completion of treatment. There is a replacement fee for each additional retainer that is lost or broken.

Assignment of Benefits

We accept assignment of benefits for most insurance plans. By doing this, out-of-pocket expenses are substantially lower. If we do not accept assignment of benefits from your plan, we will be happy to file claims so that you can be reimbursed directly. Should there be any change in your policy prior to full payment of the insurance benefit, please contact our office immediately so adjustments may be made to your contract.

Office Hours

It is our goal to see you on time for your appointment. Time is scheduled to complete the necessary procedure, give information about the treatment and answer any questions you may have. In order for us to maintain a schedule that runs in a timely manner, we request that patients arrive on time to avoid delays, as the day progresses. We are available on select Saturdays and have plenty of after-school availability to accommodate your schedules. Our hours are 9 am -6 pm Monday – Friday and 9 am – 1 pm on select Saturdays. Your cooperation and consideration with appointments is greatly appreciated by our office and the patients that are seen after your appointment.