Independent Tooth Movement is Here!

The New Era in Orthodontics has arrived with BRIUS. Used in place of traditional braces or clear aligners, this revolutionary treatment method moves teeth independently, resulting in more accurate and efficient treatment.

Why Choose BRIUS Lingual Braces?

BRIUS is unlike other lingual braces systems. The advancements in this technology allow for shortened treatment times, fewer office visits, and less discomfort! Unlike plastic clear aligners that need to be removed when eating or drinking, BRIUS lingual braces stay bonded to your teeth and never stop working to improve your smile. BRIUS is:

  • Autonomous – BRIUS is autonomous and custom-made to deliver your dream smile
  • Efficient – teeth move simultaneously and also independent of each other
  • Painless – the BRIUS applies a very light force to the teeth, much gentler than traditional treatments
  • Easy to Clean – there are no wires connecting the teeth, making it easier to floss and maintain good oral hygiene
  • Invisible – the entire system sits behind the teeth, no reason to be self-conscious while undergoing orthodontic treatment

Get Started with BRIUS Lingual Braces Today

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and begin your Orthodontic treatment with BRIUS. We will welcome you to our office where we will take digital impressions of your smile – no goopy impressions! Once your customized BRIUS appliance is ready, we will bond them to your teeth and then monitor your progress – minimal to no adjustments are needed with this New Era treatment.